Parcel info: 84977

Sender: მერაბი ნადირაძე

Order data: 21/08/2021

City: ქუთაისი, ა.ჭავჭავაძის #21

Recipient: ირაკლი ფოლადაშვილი

Delivery date: 23/08/2021

City: ბათუმი, ა.ჭავჭავაძის #21

Parcel status: ჩაბარებული

Weight: 2 Kg

Price: 7 GEL

Terms & Conditions

Article 1. About the company

1.1 ’’Easy Group’’ Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the Company or the Executor) carries out delivery of parcels throughout Georgia

1.2 The address of the company: Atskuri st. N11, Isani, Tbilisi,

1.3 Identification number: 406267276

1.4 Web. Page:

1.5 E-mail:

Article 2. Subject of the agreement

2.1. The subject of the agreement is the shipment of parcels / documents throughout Georgia. Parcels are transported on behalf of the company and at the expense of the customer;

2.2. The servi,,,,,,,,ce of the company can be used by all individuals and legal entities on the company's website http://www.EASYWAY.GE

2.3. Registration on the site is free. By registering on the Website, the registered person confirms that he / she has read the terms of the agreement and agrees with them;

2.4. The Company has the right to enter into contracts with third parties for the provision of services under the subject of this Agreement;

2.5. The relations between the parties shall be regulated in accordance with this Agreement and the rules established by the current legislation of Georgia.

Article 3. Transportation cost

3.1. The shipping cost is calculated according to the total weight of the parcel, to a maximum between the actual and volume weights;

3.2. Volumetric weight is calculated by the following formula: length * width * height / 5000 (when measured in centimeters). The weight is rounded to the accuracy 100 grams;

Article 4. Obligations and Responsibilities of the Customer

4.1. When registering on the company website, the user fills in the registration form set by the company. After registration, the customer will get his/her own profile on the company's website with the identification number;

4.2. When registering on the website, the customer is obliged to enter correct personal and contact details. The company is not responsible for the consequences caused in case of damage due to incorrect information provided by the customer. In such a case, the responsibility passes to the customer and the company has the right to claim full compensation for the damage from the customer;

4.3. It is customers responsibility to pack the parcel properly. The company will not be liable in case of damage to the improperly packaged parcel. Packaging instructions can be found on the company website;

4.4. The company has the right to refuse to transport the incorrectly packed parcel;

4.5. In case of damage / loss of the parcel, the customer must submit an invoice determining the value of the item, in the absence of such, the lost or damaged item will be compensated at market value;

4.6. In case of existence of dangerous goods, the customer must warn the Company of the exact type of danger and, if necessary, indicate the safety measures; Goods, hazard of which was not known to the executor may be unloaded, destroyed or defused at any time and in any place so that the company will not be liable for damages; The customer is obliged to provide the contractor with information about the goods in advance, if it contains liquid, oil or fragile elements, otherwise complaints related to transportation will not be considered and the contractor will not be liable;

Article 5. Liability of the Company

5.1. The company is responsible for the transportation from the moment the goods are picked up by the courier until the delivery to the addressee;

5.2. The Company is not responsible for the quality and type of products purchased by the customer. As well as items that are improperly packaged by the store and / or individual;

5.3. The Company has the right to refuse the service if the characteristics of the goods or other information provided by the customer are incomplete;

5.4. The company is not responsible for the timely delivery of such parcel to the addressee, if the parcel does not have the correct data attached by the customer and / or the store, does not match or lacks various parameters. The procedure will be extended indefinitely until the recipient of the parcel is fully identified;

5.5. The company is not responsible for the parcel, which does not show any external packing damage, which should be inspected in the presence of a company representative before the parcel is taken out of the office or during the courier service

Article 6. Receiving of parcel

6.1. Parcels are delivered to the address indicated in each specific order. The terms of the courier service are defined on the company’s website;

6.2. If the customer is not available at the address indicated by him/her and / or does not answer the phone, it is impossible to connect with him despite of two attempts of the courier, the presell will be returned to the office or sender. The sender bears the fee of return, the price of which is determined by half of the standard cost of delivery;

6.3. If the recipient refuses to receive the parcel, the parcel will be returned to the sender. In this case, the transportation fee is halved upon return;

6.4. The case, when the currier takes back from the recipient the new item instead of delivered one, may not be considered as Return. In such a case, it should be signed as a new order;

6.5. The customer has the opportunity to deliver the parcel / document to the company office or use the courier service;

6.6. When using the courier service, the customer is obliged to open and check the contents of the parcel in the presence of the courier upon receiving it. In other cases, claims for damage are no longer considered and the Company is not responsible for any possible damage or loss of the products in the parcel.

Article 7. Document equal to the check

7.1. It is allowed to use the document equal to the check within the service. The sender must attach this document to the parcel, which will indicate the amount that the company must take from the recipient and hand over to the sender;

Article 8. Other conditions

8.1. All information and service terms posted on the Company’s Website are an inseparable part of this Agreement; 8.2. After receiving the parcel by the company, it is allowed to change the delivery address at the request of the sender or recipient. If the address is changed, the service fee within the city will be 2 (two) GEL, which is added to the basic amount. If the new address belongs to another region, the additional cost will be 4 (four) GEL;

8.3. The Company reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of service, tariffs, or to terminate the provision of services to the Customer without additional agreement after prior notice;

8.4. The company reserves the right to record and store customer relations data via the Internet, telecommunication systems or audio-video surveillance systems, including email, telephone or written conversations, comments on social networks and any other data that can be used in court in a dispute with the client, in order to protect the rights of the company;

8.5. The user's personal information is protected. The Company does not transfer any information about the Client to third parties, except as otherwise provided by law;

8.6. The relations between the parties shall be regulated in accordance with the conditions provided in this Agreement in accordance with the current legislation of Georgia.

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